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Every July, it has been my tradition to make a confetti cake for my son's birthday. The sprinkles, the colors, the fun...they inspire joy for everyone, so Great Exbaketations Bakery is sharing that joy! The  Vegan Joyfetti Cake is a confetti cake,  flavored with vanilla and delicate almond flavor, dappled with bright colors and dolloped with creamy vanilla non-dairy buttercream. Available with or without rum from July 1-31 only.

Vegan Joyfetti Cake- Vegan Confetti Cake

PriceFrom $25.00
  •  All GEB cakes and treats are baked fresh to-order. Orders take 3-5 business days to fulfill, and an additional 3-5 business days for shipping (totaling 6-10 business days from order to receipt). Local pickup orders are fulfilled in the same 3-5 business day timeframe, during which a pickup time will be arranged.

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