What is the best way to store my cakes?

Great Exbaketations cakes should be stored in a cool, dry place wrapped in plastic wrap (or in a cake saver). Cakes will keep for up to 2 weeks, as the alcohol acts as a natural preservative. Refrigeration is not necessary or recommended as it tends to dry out your cake.

Can I freeze my GEB cakes?

Yes! Great Exbaketations cakes can be frozen in a sealed FREEZER bag for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, then allow to come to room temperature before enjoying.

Does my GEB cake contain alcohol?

Yes! There is a moderate amount of uncooked rum/liqueur in each glaze used to make your special "booze-infused" cake. It is not recommended to serve these cakes to children or those that cannot tolerate alcohol for any reason.
(P.S. As of April 2020, Virgin cakes are available for kids/non-partakers!)

Can I send GEB cakes as a gift?

Yes! Great Exbaketations Bakery cakes make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries & other special occasions. Please checkout with the recipients name(s) and address as usual; include your name and any gift message in the "Notes" section before completing your purchase. 

Does GEB take custom orders?

No, Great Exbaketations Bakery is not currently accepting any custom orders.

Are GEB cakes vegan?

As of June 2020, Great Exbaketations Bakery offers vegan/plant-based versions of some of your favorite cakes!

How many people can I serve from my GEB cake?

Great Exbaketations cakes are offered in two convenient sizes for your serving needs. Full-size cakes are 10" and serve 10-12; mini bundt cakes are 6" and serve 4-6.

Are GEB cakes gluten free?

Great Exbaketations Bakery does not currently offer gluten-free options.

How will my cake(s) be shipped?

All cakes are shipped via USPS Priority Shipping, with a typical delivery time of 2-3 days. Cakes are shipped individually plastic-wrapped, then further wrapped in bubble wrap. All cakes in an order shipping to the same address are shipped together in one box.

Express Shipping: Express Shipping can be accommodated if requested (add in the “Note” section at checkout), under the following conditions: 1) customer is 100% responsible for the shipping cost; 2) there must be at least 36 hrs between the time the order is placed and the day the cake is to ship; 3) customer understands that per Shop Policy, there are no refunds on purchases. Please message the Shop Owner for any other questions.

I'm a local business & I'd love to collaborate!

GEB loves working with other local creatives! Send an email to Cheyenne at [email protected].